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Learn how to create your own #retirement plan using a retirement #calculator in MS Excel. Also, learn how to decide your …

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  1. I think only unrealistic thing is the inflation rate. If economies in the west is the future we have, then our economy will likely stop expanding or expand at a much slower pace bringing inflation to 2 to 4 PC at worst in 30 years from now. I would changed the average rate to 5pc. Otherwise ok.

  2. Can you please make a video on EPS contribution. I am not clear on if there is an option to contribute 8.33% on actual salary compared to the capped Rs 15000 to EPS. If this option exist what is the procedure to avail it.

  3. If person need to retire at 35, life span is upto 80 years. What is the money should be saved at the age of 30 as of 2022?

  4. Which retirement plan is best for single pay option in quarterly annuity returns?
    Please reply

  5. How do I know how much one should contribute towards SIP to achieve that retirement corpus? Can you edit the spreadsheet such that folks know there itself how they should be saving per month to achieve the retirement corpus. Thank you.

  6. It would be more relevant to the crowd if you had a sheet where one can input his/her age and also his current corpus e.g. age 32 current coupus 20 lakhs. Then as output if he/she is ahead or lagging behind and by how much. This sheet is useless for people who have already started saving or have some other savings.

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  8. Thanks for your videos and motivating people to think about retirement savings early in career. I have found a few thing that are not practical from this video and have listed them below:
    1: Inflation of 8% assumes that someone would have same level of lifestyle till they die without lifestyle inflation.
    2. It seems like inflation is only applied till a person retires.
    3. Requiring 80% of current expenses is a flawed assumption. Also the amount calculated seems to be wrong for some reason.
    4. Video talks about “12% get table from equity” without any mention of risk. Yes, 100% is also gettable if you do sports betting or horse race betting. Risk is what someone retired should think about not return. Worst thing that can happen after retirement is that you lose all of your money from an investment.

  9. Questions:
    1) You have talked about creating corpus but not how can one get monthly pension
    E.g if I have 3cr at my retirement how can get monthly pension coz interest rate in banks will be 1-2% that time in India

    2) how to get incremental pension each year? Reason : at 80 one may need more money than 60

  10. Having a dynamic strategy cannot be overemphasized when trading forex. The best advice I could give to any forex trader is don’t trade if you don’t have a working strategy.

  11. Mam, kya mujhe GPF se 50% nikalkar home loan mein Dena chahie?
    And isliye Mera pension mein koi effect hoga kya??

  12. % expenses after retirement is the nice feature that I haven't seen with any calculator that I have used in the past. Thank you for providing this option.

  13. 9:35 – If you're wondering why the required corpus is less if you retire early, it's because of the 'Return on corpus'. The earlier you build your corpus, the more interest you'll be getting as the time invested would become more and more. So, the requirement of the corpus decreases. It's an inverted U shaped curve (a little slanted at the start). Try it in the excel. Put the retirement age only 5 years from your age now and keep increasing, the amount will keep increasing and decrease at the very end of your years. All thanks to the interest on investment.

  14. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  15. kindly suggest retirement age as an average of your all gradparents age +5 years as per rising life expectancy.

  16. you are the Wisest person. i don't know any person who started investing for retirement!

  17. Mam…still I have some doubts can u please clear it here….like u have only mentioned expenses but how do u calculated the return of corpus….

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