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14 thoughts on “HOW TO DAY TRADE FOR A LIVING || TRADING TESLA || $300 IN 40 MINU…”

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  2. Ya'll really shit on that like button. This man is giving you free advice and you can't hit a button smh

  3. I agree with you that you need to pick a stock that’s has volatility. However, Tesla’s price point might be a little steep to enter on. But I’m curious, is WeBull the platform you’re using to daytrade on? And is there a minimum deposit to open an account? Thank you for spreading good information too😎👍🏾

  4. With the amount of golf apparel u wear u gotta turn this into a golf/stock channel… talk stocks while on the links

  5. How to swing trade tesla next (overnight to a few weeks)? Because my risk tolerance isn't that high for day trading yet, haha.

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