How To Earn Big From Options Trading Part – 2 || Options Strategi…

How To Earn Big From Options Trading Part – 2 || Options Strategies || CALL & PUT For Training Queries : 9711411007. To Open …

35 thoughts on “How To Earn Big From Options Trading Part – 2 || Options Strategi…”

  1. God Bless you Pawan sir, for much valuable knowledge sharing nobody tells this truth about…?

  2. ITM mein profit kaise hoga sir please ishka ak video bana dijiya ,agar ush price pe trade ho chuka hain to kaisa further profit hota hain please explain it sir please

  3. Fantastic sir. Very simple and apt explanation. Sir, what is relationship between spot and strike price in call ?

  4. Explained beautifully..
    Thank you soo much..
    One Question
    While trading in intraday…(when exit is instantly or on same day)
    Which is better ? ITM or ATM?

  5. Sir, Why to put stop loss in option if the market goes against us also we are loosing all of our premium then whats the use of stop loss?

  6. What is the minimum investment we need to do if I want to make 1000 per day..?
    Can we do intraday In options?

  7. Thanks for the nice video. Question… Is it OK to sell Nifty June PE 9000 and CE 10000 at this point of time? Please advise.

  8. Sir OTM strike price par time decay jyada hona chahiye because it has no intrinsic value and only time value is there. Is it true

  9. Sir, why vedanta open higher the next day after the news of its delisting and then came huge selling.
    Still vedanta is listed in nse??
    Is the same going to happen with adani power.
    Adani power will have a board meeting regarding this on Wednesday.
    Can we see selling pressure on monday of adani power??
    Thank you.

  10. Amazing explanation as usual.. Liked it so much
    As lock down extented how the market will behave for next week kindly guide us Pawan ji

  11. Could you please upload a video about Short Strangle Strategy with adjustments and the exit point etc.

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