How To Enable Options Trading on Robinhood

Sign up for Robinhood and get a FREE stock: A beginners tutorial on how to trade options (calls and puts) on Robinhood …

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  1. It keeps saying my account isn't elegible for trade options, anybody had this problem? Keep applying but it doesn't work, talked to support and they just go around and around when it s obvious they want to say "no"

  2. I do have one question to anyone that can help me with the answer. How do I change my deposit amount I think I set it for a deposit amount for biweekly instead I wanted once a month deposit how do I change that setting

  3. Hey Daniel this is my first time on your channel and your robinhood knowledge is great being that I'm a beginner with this robinhood investment I'm still listening and learning from all you guys.

  4. Why is it in my robinhood app it says that I am not eligible for option trading? Does it need to have more money to invest to be eligible? Thank you

  5. Thank's great video, but I have one question I might be stupid but if we put $100 and if it doesn't go what we think and lose do we lose only the $100 investment or more than that just making sure before start.

  6. appreciate the help! I have had robinhood for a year and my slow ass never noticed the option was right before my eyes till now lol

  7. If you buy call or put can you sell it the other day when you get a little bit profit or do you have to wait a week or the time it expires…

  8. Bruh…you literally blurred out the options that are needed in order to get approved. So yeah, this video is bullshit and its just you scrolling over skipping over the important stuff. God damn it I hate you useless stock content creators who have lots of footage, nice thumbnails and ZERO CONTENT

  9. Bro look ik u get a lot of hate on your likevyiur song prodigy but forget it cause I like them a lot so pls make more

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