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  1. I used your advice..have been doing options for about a week and updated my profile..and was approved!…thanks!

  2. it infuriates me that I started to try robinhood, made a couple good trades and I'm like hmmm I'm going to try to enable level 3 options so I can manage risk more… 30 mins later after the phonecall they email me saying denied apply in 1 year… like how am I supposed to do spreads and reduce risk by using higher quality stocks with my smaller portfolio? They expect me to be able to fork up 20K to wheel a fricken Tesla stock and have it crash and burn from day 1… Absolutely dissapointed but Idk what I expected, I shoulda just tried to do the options in webull but I prefered the simplistic interface to dabble with spare cash

  3. Imo. The debit spreads are better then the stupid covered puts and calls. It’s all about money to RH

  4. Doesn’t work. I’ve made over 10 trades and pay for the gold membership. Robin Hood sucks

  5. If you can’t trade it’s telling you .. long story short it’s not giving you and error for no reason lol

  6. Genuinely interested for your input, since you seem to be big on WeBull: how much more difficult is it for a small-time trader to get approved for all of this on WeBull? Thx.

  7. I made my first million as a beginner investing in the stock by taking advantage of the ongoing market crisis with the help of a broker i met in a brokerage summit in Miami and he agreed to assist me, excited, additionally i have more time for my self and family

  8. It won't even let me get lvl 1 trading and it just says that I am not allowed for lvl 3 trading and just skips the rest of the lvls of options. How do I get lvl 1 options?

  9. The biggest mistake you can make when investing is to think that you are smarter than the market. It’s almost impossible to time the consistency, you will miss out on great opportunities if you do this. simply DCA into high conviction stocks and let your position grow.

  10. I've been buying and selling calls and puts for months and webull still won't let me. I also put I was ok with higher risk, have a Roth IRA with them, etc.

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