how to hedge futures with options | future hedging strategies | b…

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  2. मै Far month (तीसरे महीने) के Stock का 01 Lot Future buy करता हूं, hedge कैसे करूं ?

  3. 7/4/2023 ko fii dii ko lutunga pura stock market hila dalunga 3 trrillon dollar leke aaunga bhot kama liye fii dii ab nanga karunga kutto ko Anwar hatela naam

  4. is it compulsory to buy at the money call or put while hedging ….or we can hedge with otm also …which will minimise our loss more ?

  5. Achha Bhai ek baat btao agr mano apne 17000CE buy ki aur hedge 17000 PE liya aur market Gap Up hua CE profit PE loss dega fixed he maan lo 6000 to bhai jo hum ne 17000 CE liya he agr wo thori der baad. Down hone lage 17000 CE 16500 pe tab to loss hi hoga dono se yr ???

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