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Welcome back to episode 27 of my live trading series, where I break down how I choose strangles around the options/stocks I …

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  1. Hmm.. So this is the 1st time I've watched strangles video… me likey! πŸ˜›

    This will come of help to me next year, when I put a fat chunk of $$ in my account

  2. Curious your opinion on this option comparison, if you’re willing to. I’m bullish on Dropbox and it closed at $22.56USD. Want to buy 1-2 year out call options and here are the choices:
    1. Jan 21,2022 exp $22 cost $5 or $25 cost 3.90 or $27 costs $3.20. Advice on which of those three would be best assuming DBX appreciates over the year?

    2. Jan 20, 2023 call $22 strike cost $6.85 or $25 costs $5.70 or $27 costs $5.

    Seems to me the $22 strike would be best on either expiration IF Dropbox does appreciate. Obviously if it doesn’t I just spent more money to lose on. Thanks.

  3. Awesome video as always, thanks for the information. I think you need to have level 4 in order to sell strangle and at least $ 25 k , so not for me now , hopefully in the future . It has a nice probability of success though.

  4. The camera quality looks better. Are you filming in 24 fps? At least in that first section. I definitely like the more in-depth strategy used for strangles. Need to get use to all the Greek. Still use to the Greek used in chemistry and science πŸ™‚ Like- 16

  5. for the TSLA strangle, would you do weekly? The premiums seems pretty good for 650/800 strike. thanks for the video

  6. Thank you so much for the video. Started to follow you for couple of videos. Really helpful. Need your guidance to know what other stocks we can look to book strandle other than AMD, NVDA and Twitter. How we can find those stocks.

  7. Very interesting content as usual. You explained it very well, thank you. Strangles need a lot of knowledge to manage them. Always learn ways to do it from you. Thanks again.πŸ‘πŸ’―

  8. Off-topic, but would you consider making a video on the types of ETF's to purchase for your RRSP? I understand it is wise for the largest holding to be VOO, but I am not too sure about others. More US market ETF's?


    Love the channel.

  9. Great demo of this strategy, probably too expensive stock for me but I could implement on something under $40. Thanks for taking the time, really very helpful using the Greeks and fundamentals.

  10. Already did a strangle on CRSR earlier this week, but just opened an AMD 19th of February 77,5 & 115 for 3,10 credit. Will make sure to manage at 15 days to expiration. Thanks for the consistent options videos!

  11. How would you manage the call side, would your roll before it gets breached or wait till expiry and then roll

  12. Here early!! Gonna go ahead and like and comment before watching and then hope the FBI doesn't come to my house after watching a video about implementing the "strangle strategy" haha

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