How to long and short cryptocurrency futures on Kucoin

You can now long or short cryptocurrencies on Kucoin. Learning how to long or short the market is a skill traders do have in their …

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  1. Really appreciate this video, hard to find one that explains what each option really does. Thanks man. I subscribed

  2. finally, somebody broke it down in a way that I can understand, really appreciate it, yes, do more videos like that, or please link up with me. I'm trying to start a nonprofit. We can link up with me at

  3. Thank you. I watched so many video regarding long/short.
    You video is really get right to the point and not confusing.
    SUPER!!!? ?

  4. Please treat on how to stop a trade on KUCOIN futures and transfer your funds to main account

  5. Great video you covered it in detail with no blanks. Hats off you my friend. A lot of vids out there and ones from people i follow but none of them hit it on the mark or explained it along the way like your video does. Good job and thank you im sure you've helped a lot of people out with it.

  6. Great work here. Is there a demo trading app or site you can recommend to practice margin and futures
    Trading before trading on real exchanges

  7. bro i need to pay you.
    the simplicity of Nigerian YouTubers in crypto space is great. Sanny Victor and yourself break down difficult stuff into easy as abc

  8. When I add money to my futures account let’s say I add $100 and I want to bet $100 with two times leverage. Will it only take $50 from my leverage account? And then if I get liquidated it will take the whole $100? Is that how that works? Are you basically only at risk of having your total amount in your futures account taken? Or will it allow you to use all of your $100 and also use leverage? I’m confused about that specific point

  9. I'm new to crypto trading and I find it difficult using these strategies well. Where can I find a legit broker? that we manage my account and also teach me how to trade.

  10. Great job @ explaining exactly what I needed to know. Unlike some other videos that have meaningless info and didn’t explain in detail. Keep the videos coming brother.

  11. Hello, nice video. Can you explain to us "What is the difference between LAST and MARK? " (It's the option next to profit and loss check box).

  12. This was very simple and nice video on futures trading on kucoin that I wanted to learn. Thanks ?
    Could you also explain leverage that how much we can earn and whats the maximum damage when we do futures trading with leverage please?

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