How to Make $200 Per Week Selling Options | Passive Income

In this video Matt Giannino talks about how to bring in $200 weekly selling options. This has to be the easiest way to bring in risk …

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  1. Share price going to 135 is a good thing not a bad thing. If price stays at 130 your total gain is $216.00 and that is about 1.7 percent in 5 days. However if share price goes to 135 and your shares get called away from you your gain is $716.00 and is about 5.5 percent for 5 days. Its true that you now have no income per week from selling covered calls because you own no shares. But you would have the $13716.00 to go ahead and buy shares of something and be right back in the selling call options process.

  2. Question: buying SPY 275C exp sept 30 cost $4500 is this a good strategy ? 4-5 days options is up $401. Your thoughts ??

  3. Above the money if you are bullish. Below the money if you are playing it safe. Don't try it with a penny stock unless it is a NNDM or TRXC disruptive type of stock.

  4. I sold 2 calls on Apple last week cause to price keeps dropping Make $ 300 in one week on the same 100 shares. If I can keep that up for 11 months my cost basis would be 0 and I’d own 100 shares of Apple for free. Lol

  5. You can make a fuck load more then that. I made 9,000 last week, 5000 the week before that. Been killing it.

  6. Wow these are some awesome tips! My side hustle has been offer up for the last three years and I flip 95% of my items in my hometown. I still gross 4 figures a month by going to yard sales near me and flipping items without even shipping. I love your side hustle passion and think it would be great to hop on a podcast that I’ve been working on. DM me on Instagram @flipmandan

  7. Love it, you have some cool videos and we post similar stuff so I think we have a potential opportunity to collaborate if you want to know more. I’m a supporter now and I dropped a sub I would appreciate a sub back Let’s get this started I got some things I wanna share with you. Hit me up on Instagram @theaustinlewis

  8. I will look up the terms you mentioned and to understand consolidations in the stock language. Just a question as well, if the certain stock has recent bad news wouldn't that be a good way to know if I should sell calls?

  9. Great channel love your videos. Interesting … Hmm so do you have to have the money in your account to cover 100 shares similar to selling a put option ?

  10. Nothing passive! Maybe if you have 100k plus account. I have a 25k account it is a lot of work to find a good risk reward trade

  11. This video is pretty good I think; if your an advance trader. Very few and not me included can pull this off long term, maybe not even short term if Im a beginner.

    If your a beginner, dont just dive into the water without knowing whats in the water. Understand risks.

    Read a few books, talk to people that invest, under stand basic stock trading knowledge, open a TD ameritrade (best) trading account, watch educational videos (awesome) offered by TD Ameritrade website and use their simulated stock trading platform before trading with real money

    Important: use monies that you Can afford to lose; not your mortgage money.

    Take it slow and make small trade transactions over long period of time. Make alot of small mistakes over long period of time before making the big ones. Id probably stay away from buying or selling options for a few years.

    Imagine a person off the street going up against a jujitsu blackbelt. What do you think is going to happen to the guy off the street?

    Now imagine your the nontrader going right into selling options. What do you think is going to happen?

    Your worst enemy in stock investment is you.

  12. You can start by selling puts instead of buying 100 shares of stock. Then if you get assigned then turn arround and sell calls.

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