How to make a living in Trading, MUST WATCH!

20, 40, 100k x month in trading profits. Jtrader unveils the secrets of how to make a living in trading, explaining rules, setups and …

14 thoughts on “How to make a living in Trading, MUST WATCH!”

  1. Thanks for the video! how do you get the T&S charts in Italy? Do they allow to have the live charts if anyone is staying outside US?

  2. The Small Cap Room lays out a straight forward method to trading. No following alerts, only proven strategies. Support from members and mentors facilitate sustainable growth as a trader. No better place to learn!!

  3. Had several losses in September but I could close the month with 26k as posted on my page on twitter. Best room ever. Real trading

  4. I had my first 3k profit, best day ever last week. I am no expert, no pro trader but I trade now in a profitable way. Thank you J

  5. important question for me is also how many % of your student are so good as you showed? (if its still just 5 as in official day-traders statistics, is not so impressive:P)….looks like quite complicated process- if you do this every morning for lets say 10 stocsk-how much time you need?I would need 5 hours, I would say:)..also one trading question pls: you short a lot-is IB or tradeZero good for shorting?..those to I consider to open (also with IB will be under PDT…)..You adviced me recently Cobra, but dont have 25k yet-close but not there yet..

  6. JTrader can change you from consistently losing to consistently winning if you are willing to put in the work required! Thank you J!

  7. Forex market is a very volatile one and as such newbies are advised to start under tutelage of a professional for proper guidance. Going forward, I'd suggest you sign up with Yuri Bandera. Send him a mail at

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