How To Paper Trade Options On Webull Desktop | Webull Options Pap…

In this video we are covering how to finally paper trade options on Webull desktop. We have a bunch of other Webull paper …

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  1. Thanks been waiting for this one…but you ramble and skip steps… you lose people… your blowing by simple things…like why did I not have data showing up… because you need a 3 buck subscription… please proceed as if you are showing people who don't know what you do…

  2. Hi. Do you know if you can trade after hours when the market is closed too? If so how can we change that?

  3. I made an account to strictly paper trade for now. but is there any reason why my charts don't go up and down as if it were live like yours ?

  4. Please I need your help, had about 11,200 on my Webull, bought some bitcoin and now I’m having lose because I had no idea I can’t send crypto out of Webull

  5. Great video!

    When buying options contracts on webull it forces me to have spread in $.05 increments on of the stocks. However, the bid and ask is in the $.01 increments. It always goes up in down within a penny. How other traders able to have spread only within pennies? How i can place bid in one penny increments on options??

  6. I'm a surgeon here in California, having a difficult time investing my earnings, I know there are many people facing this same problem right now, the market is fluctuating, I want to invest in stock really bad.

  7. If you have a small account, say 1000 or less, can you trade any single option or do you need enough money to cover the 1 contract (100 shares). What I am mainly referring to is day trading options as little as a few minutes to a few hours tops. Just in and out for a profit.

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