How to RENT YOUR STOCK OUT and SELLING PUTS for INCOME (Most PROFITABLE OPTION Trading Strategy) — Join my …

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    New Beginnings: The Option Trading Story

  2. Hello, new to options here and trying to get a better understanding. On the call option you sold that went in the money can't the buyer exercise or sell that option as soon as it goes in the money? You said something about if it were expiration day the call owner could call them away? Please help me understand.

  3. Hey Randy, in this example, on the call you decide to buy back and then sell a call at a higher strike 3 months out in order to collect premium, dividends, and stock appreciation, are you exercising the call you bough back so you now own the stock before you sell the call? What happened to the call you bought back? Thanks! (At the 7:45 mark) BTW I'm starting with your vids from the beginning and taking notes. 😎

  4. Hi Randy, I am Simon from Italy and i really appreciate your videos,very informative.
    Just one quick question. In the video you talk about of 1000 shares, so this means you sell 10 put options of this company?

  5. I'm really glad I learned how to trade options. Ever since the start of the lockdowns from COVID, I was scared of losing my job and learned about options. I thought it was risky as most people would view it, but after learning about selling cash-secured puts and covered calls (the wheel strategy), I've never looked back and now regret buying stocks at market price. This method earned me so much more than buying/holding long-term dividends.
    Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks for sharing bro…Starting to do my research on options trading as well..KEEP UP THE GRIND💪🏽💸💪🏽

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