How to Select the Right Strike Price Trading Options?

Hiii loves 🙂 I’ve done a break down of strike prices in this video in depth and also gone through how I decide what strike to select …

40 thoughts on “How to Select the Right Strike Price Trading Options?”

  1. Great video Masi. I always learn so much each time I watch your videos! Which option-expiration do you use when scalping SPX ?

  2. Thanks Masi for your video. I'm a beginner at options, so I don't have a strategy yet, but would
    consider being a scalper for the reasons that you gave. I like simple rules even if it means paying
    a little more. I have subscribed to your channel. Do you ever trade live?

  3. @Masitrades, thanks for these videos. They're very helpful. I'm just starting my trading journey and wanted to get your advice on which would be the best courses to take and books to read to build a great foundation for trading?

  4. quick question: why would someone buy out of the money calls? if strike price is more than stock price, can you still buy it? whats the benefit? dont we always need to buy strike price lesser than stock price so when stock price increases call option price increases as well. thanks

  5. Hello there. So how do you truly determine when you buy ITM or OTM? Does it depend on the market ? The individual stock?? Just thinking out loud ?

  6. The hang up for me is buying or selling calls or puts? I know calls are bullish and puts are bearish. but do you go with the buying or selling the calls or puts on scalping specifically?

  7. Great Video! Question. What market time are you choosing the strike price (pre market the stock can go up or down)? I ask because, the strike prices are going to change from lets say 8:30 to to the opening bell?

  8. And this is what it looks like when someone gets lucky a couple of times and makes a few bucks. The info she speaks of is so over her head, so new to her, she couldn't even get the word "intrinsic" value out. Folks, be careful who you learn from. She sounds like a 13 year old. I got a headache listening. She can't even properly form a basic sentence. There are plenty of gurus with more knowledge and more years of experience teaching options. A couple of years of trading doesn't make you an expert. She clearly didn't prepare to give you her very best people. No preparation at all. You're not ready to teach cougar lady.

  9. just letting you this video is not in high resolution, not sure if you notice this when uploading, still useful and great info!

  10. Is it just me or did this video really not tell us anything about how to pick a strike price! Anyone can pick near the money options. How about a video that shows how to pick OTM options. Maybe change the title to How to Select ATM options.

  11. i was struck bc my main stock ive been messing with is NVDA and this was her example and it is currently at $300 and she said it is $300 in her video and this was posted May 2020. i was shocked thinking WHAT? NVDA has been at 300 for a year and half?! there was no way bc i have been making money watching it go up since like 250. i had to check but no it was around $80. this is so weird bc the time i watch this th estock is actually at $300 lol. we're soul mates. its a sign from god. are you afghan? lol im persian. its meant to be

  12. Awesome video this is what i needed! could you do a video of thinkorswim and step by step on like buying a call and put and like the limit etc i wanted to buy an option call last week and wanted to put $100 but wasn’t sure if i can change the limit or the quantity. If you can do one like that i haven’t seen anything online!!! I hope you see this

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