How to sell a call for profit in 19 hours

Step by step video of me selling a call and taking profit in 19 hours.

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  1. Explained better than the 10+ other people that attempt to explain this simple concept, the difficulty of selling calls is how you format it on a brokerage and also the expirations are a hard topic for people to comprehensivly explain. Other than that, selling calls is basicly selling the stock for a premium then buying it back to satisfy the initial sale if anyone needs the simplest explaination.

  2. I'm just getting into trading options coming from forex. I can read charts all day long. Do you mind me emailing you so I can ask you a few question?

  3. If it did go up after you sell to open, why would you have to take the loss? could you sell to open again, adding to your position after it went up to maybe $3 per contract? assuming that it would go all the way down eventually to $0.13?

  4. I am so confused can you explain more in depth the reasoning behind this strategy. Or at least point me to more in depth break down. I understand the concept but once I think I have figured it out I get confused again. Much appreciated great videos

  5. So I guess it was a profit because

    But since you didn't own those 10 contracts/1,000 shares you had to buy them back (at a lower price) to keep the remainder as profit?
    $1,074.74-130-15.23=$929.51 profit

    So what would happen if you didn't buy those shares back that you didn't own and kept the profit? This part confuses me ?

    I guess if you didn't buy them back the broker would make that a balance you owe them and the profit would decrease as the price of owed shares increased?

  6. Hey Prince what is your opinion on the PRA stock right now since it has a special dividend + regular dividend of 5.00$ coming up on 12/21. Do you think it's worthwhile to buy or will the stock price plummet after the dividend payout?

  7. Hi Prince, Can you refer me to any good tools i can use for a beginner trader to practice for free with? {Simulators}, is this a good tool OptionsXpress?

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