How to Start Paper Trading Options on Thinkorswim [on Demand]

“ThinkorSwim On Demand” is a very helpful platform that allows you to backtest all of your trading strategies with Stocks, Options, …

30 thoughts on “How to Start Paper Trading Options on Thinkorswim [on Demand]”

  1. Yea so hype I found just started and was looking for another black girl killing it in the trading world ?

  2. Can I do this without a real account? Im a minor and I want to practice outside of market hours, but being a minor prevents me from making a regular account.

  3. GIRLLL YOU DA TRUTH!!!! How are you the only one that talks about this on here??? SMH. Thank You! ?

  4. Newbie here. Is the difference between the paper trading and live trading the hours in which you can trade? Because you’re also paper trading with the live correct?

  5. You didn’t say anything helpful you said the obvious we should make a video on what to set those indicators to as far as how to program and then you be saying something

  6. Does she have a video picking your first options stock? I feel like a have a good understanding but I just don’t know what stock to trade.

  7. Would you happen to know how to edit the starting $$ amount/buying power for OnDemand? ?? Haha just so I could make the practice feel more realistic (ie want to work with a small account, like $5k, instead of the default $100k) — Appreciate the tutorial on this!! ??

  8. Hi just want to ask a quick question do you think this on demand feature is good for a beginner beginner someone who is trying to learn how to read charts and other things I’m willing to put the time in just wanna make sure it’s worth it far as learning

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