How to Trade Futures On Zerodha? | Futures Trading Zerodha Demo |…

In this video, we gave a demo of how to trade Futures on Zerodha Kite trading platform. Learn how to trade in futures step by step …

23 thoughts on “How to Trade Futures On Zerodha? | Futures Trading Zerodha Demo |…”

  1. This video is highly helpful in understanding the order concepts!! Thanks to Kritesh Abhisek. Looking forward to receive more such informative and highly contents.

  2. Hello sir

    I have one question. Can we exit from future trading before end date if we get profit in between due to increase in stock price?

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  4. Will the intial margin that is blocked be added to available margin as soon as the position is squared off?

  5. Sir Please explain how to put stop loss in NRML overnight position in future like nifty and bank nifty

  6. ???? How did you come such a golden heart? Thanks for the extraordinary help you have to me it give me so much relief…. God will reachily bless you ✌️?…

  7. In futures
    Market is down to price decrease
    So we can take order in sell side
    How to place stoploss order

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