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  1. Bro i didnt see the videos on YouTube which explain the co and Bo orders for futures.I can't understand your language but I tried to undestand the placement of cover order and bracket order in futurem.Can you please make the same video in English?

  2. Nenu future and option video lu mone than 100 chusina. Ippatiki varaku eami artham kaledu. Naa life lo artham kanivi 2 matrame. 1 is rummy game 2nd is future and option strategy. I think 2 types are very dangerous in human life. Andhuke naaku artham kavadam ledu. Chala try chesanu future and option artham chesukovadaniki. But artham kavadam ledu. So good bye future and option

  3. @7.40, బాగా confidence వచ్చిన తర్వాతనే Futures market లోకి రమ్మని suggest చేస్తున్నాం అన్నారు … ఆ confidence రావటానికి ఏమి చెయ్యాలో చెప్పండి ..especially for beginners …

  4. ilked what you explained but can you try same in english or subtitles plz

  5. Sar English Wala ki caise bhiTelugu Wala ki YouTube channel videos caise bhi . trading anatta wahchan wala matra men Amir video caise bhi

  6. Sir , future sell chesi , equity lo delivery evacha ? Future day exipry roju contract execute ite , what will happen
    Case 1 I futures buy
    Case. 2. Future sell

    They two scenarios lo nenu exipry roju end varaku unchukunte amitundi

  7. Hi Bro,
    FYERS is just like Trading view or Upstox..?
    I mean Trading view laaga Paper plat form ah.? leka Upstox laaga live platform ah..?

  8. Hello bro,
    Im your subsrcriber.
    ఒక డౌట్ క్లారిఫై చెయ్యండి. Nifty index future ని నిన్న 11112 కి short sell చేసాను. Same day Evening 3.25 pm కి without my consent auto square అయ్యింది. Futures ki month last thursday వరకు time ఉంటుంది కదా. ఎందుకని auto square అయ్యిపోయింది. Pls tell the reason…

  9. sir thanks for your video,i am understanding the subject but cant do practically,sir you have any classes for tryning in practical trade for beginers, if so please help and give contact number details.thanking you M.RAMANANDA ,FROM KARNATAKA MOB 9845377899 AND 7975706472

  10. Hi, I want get future n options knowledge in virtual trading. Can you Plz share F&O virtual trading mobile App.

  11. Hello anna account open chestunte avvadam Ledu ifsc code wrong Ani vastundi adi valid dhi nenu already account open chesa angel and upstox lo…enduku e la vastundi

  12. i am not able to place stop loss on fyers as you said i am followed the same but getting lessthan LTP, Greaterthan LTP like that. i need ur support on this please

  13. BANKNIFTY future ki Intra day margin entha avasaramo cheppandi sir, for example BANKNIFTY future strike price 19000 ×20 =360000, avuthindhi but intra day ki entha margin maintain cheyyali sir,

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