How to Trade Options Strategies Based on Overnight Futures Price …

In this video we cover an approach to trading options strategies based on price levels gleaned from overnight futures price action …

19 thoughts on “How to Trade Options Strategies Based on Overnight Futures Price …”

  1. Great video. I have a question. I see many videos giving examples similar to this. How do you get your short call, long call and long put prices?

  2. Are you saying you cannot lose money using this strategy? What has to happen for you to lose money and if it goes bad what do you do? My biggest concern would be things going bad quickly and not knowing which to sell or what to do

  3. So then…this is basically a bearish risk reversal trade using options that expire the same day?

  4. I don't undestand why this can be a good trade. If the SPX close above your protective put at 3095, you would take max loss on the bear call, plus you loose the value of the put you purchase. So it is a good return on capital if you are right, but if you are wrong, it is a terrible trade. Can you elaborate ?

  5. But what happen if view goes wrong and it's expire 3190 or 3200, we may face big loss, right?

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  7. I actually understood the strategy you where teaching…and yes I find it valuable how can you not.
    Also booked into the seminar.Thank You Sir!

  8. Hmm, that reminds me of an earlier SMB options video, where selling a call to "finance" buying a put was considered to be a blunder and a deadly options trading sin. Now I'm not sure which of the two videos to trust…

  9. Trying to reverse engineer the support and resistances this trader used in the video. I don't get why these specific ranges were chosen.

    The highest the ES got overnight was 3082. Why did they choose 3088 – 3092 as resistance?

    The lowest wick did hit 3064 but the upper edge of their support is 3070 which to me looks like an arbitrary point.

    I'm using Tradingview. Maybe it's missing some of the price action?

  10. Nice clip and thank you. Please show the expiration chart as well as that really helps convey the benefit of the trade structure. Thanks and happy July 4th.

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