How to Use Delta In Options Trading Like a Pro

How to Use Delta In Options Trading Like a Pro To get the transcript and MP3, go to: …

20 thoughts on “How to Use Delta In Options Trading Like a Pro”

  1. In your video of Delta In Options you use a Call/Put app which shows the Delta of each. I would like to know what that app is and is there a cost associated with acquiring same. Thank you for your considerations, and I really enjoy your videos.

  2. Hey Markus This is video is very helpful. You explained something 10 other video content makers never explained very well. Please consider a short follow up video explaining Delta with SPY and SPX. Thanks for a good job.

  3. I notice that the delta in the PXO is usually around 0.05 less than the delta in my Think or Swim platform when I'm selling puts. Any reason for this?

  4. The probability is determined by the market via the option price and underlying price, right? Seems like a silly question, but I just want to clarify for myself and others. I've been comparing historical IV vs realized on various stocks and trying to identify stocks that the market historically overvalues volatility. Is this part of your strategy?

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