How to use Opstra Options Strategy Builder – Newer Version

Learn how to use Opstra Options Strategy Builder for saving and tracking options trades. You can save and track real trades, …

46 thoughts on “How to use Opstra Options Strategy Builder – Newer Version”

  1. Even after 10 months of my request, you have not included USDINR not even reacted or commented… How ruse is that… too much arrogance

  2. 1. please add a feature to download the portfolio trades for subscribers of premium version users
    2. feature to make multiple subfolders instead of Archive to segregate the trades

  3. sir there is a huge difference in margin shows in Opstra strategy builder and actual broker platform. in my strategy opstra is showing required margin 16000 but broker showing 26000. what is this ????????/

  4. Payment page closing automatically
    For option back testing which plan I have to choose .their is so much of confusion in that

  5. please sir .Do for simulator. That's mean your simulator is not working properly so please i kindly request to do update your simulator.
    And this is awesome for new option learner and trader.

  6. Quite frankly I’m a fan to go for my own but not for my friends or any more to have the opportunity and the next opportunity I will have my opportunity and my candidature and the kids and the family of all of them please please let me thank me and my candidature and the JD I know that we will not believe this but thank goodness ? I will let me have my kids to live and have all of us and the girls I will have a lot more for you for reaching out for me thank you thank goodness for reaching out to me please please

  7. I watch 1000 of video but nobody have a content like u. I am very thankful to you sir. Please make more and more video I watch every video . If u have a course I am interested to buy the course.

  8. Hi, why opstra strategy builder is allowing to select only upto 3 months option exprity date from current date, I need to analyse which are 5 to 9 months, does the paid version allow options expiry more than 3 months, pl advise, thx

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