How To Use The Futures Market To Trade Forex

In this week’s video, I will share with you a reason all Forex traders should use the Futures Market to Trade Forex. Join our live …

14 thoughts on “How To Use The Futures Market To Trade Forex”

  1. This video does not talk for 1 second about its title. There is nothing explaining about futures!

  2. Waste of time.. everyone knows that forex is all about currency indecies.. you didnt explain how futures help in predicting forex market.

  3. mike, if people dont know base from quote currency they dont need to be anywhere near these markets

  4. Hey Mike! Thanks much for this video! 🙏🏽 Do you teach how to do this in more details utilizing TradingView?

  5. What does this video have to do with Futures?? your title is "How To Use The Futures Market To Trade Forex". The word "Futures" was not mentioned once!

  6. i hit a like button i have been looking a very good reliable quality of forex automated trading tool for free i assume many scammers out there isnt it i am curious keep up ur great work Mahalo all the way from Hawaii

  7. Hi Mike, thank you for the video. I have been checking EURUSD only against the Dollar Index. Knowing that are direct opposites.

    You have just added to my list more options. Kindly check the correlation of same Index to Indices?

    Thank you for the insight.

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