If You Want To Be Consistently Profitable Trading Options, Then Y…

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28 thoughts on “If You Want To Be Consistently Profitable Trading Options, Then Y…”

  1. Been learning A LOT!
    I mean, shorting xsp? Who would've thought!!!
    Ibkr only allows 5 per trade, doesn't matter thou
    Just return and repeat
    Thank you man!!

  2. Just watched this as part of my options training. Learning a lot from your videos, Davis! Thanks for posting them for us!

    One question on the cash-settled index options…you say they can't get assigned, like the underlying stock ownership doesn't get transferred. That I understand. But if the trade goes against you at expiration, won't you still have to pay 100X the underlying index value just like being assigned? Isn't the capitalization risk still the same?

  3. Nice video Davis. Iยดd like to know the DTE you choose for trading either the XSP or the MRUT. Thank you very much

  4. Hi Davis, thanks for this informative video. I learned so much. What delta do you usually choose for the short legs of your put ratio spreads or bull put spreads?

  5. Thank you for the video. Please help, if I make a Iron Butterfly trade with XSP before 1 day of expiration, can I just keep it to expiry and don't need to close the trade? Other ticket such as SPY I can not make trade (open or close) after 2pm.

  6. Hi thank you, for teaching please read the whole book of (Hebrews in the Old Testament Bible.) Have a good day. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. I looked at the TOS option statistics, for MRUT, the option trading volume per day is very small, seems not so liquid ? Just a observation, thanks

  8. How to compare XSP vs ES future ? ES future has higher IV in general, and also a cash settled vehicle ? Thanks

  9. Hi Davis hope you are doing fine
    Iโ€™m currently looking into investing in fixed income and the one Iโ€™m currently looking at is TLT (ETF) cos you can trade weekly options with it.
    Do you have any other candidates for long term fixed income ETF to recommend in the US where one can trade options?
    Many thanks!

  10. Davis, Could you make a Video specifically for PUT Brocken Wing Butterfly (in elaborated detail).

  11. Hi, can you do a video on reading charts? I can never seem to predict where I think the market will be going weeks out. I try to buy 45 DTE and closeout at 21 DTE.

  12. Thanks for your genuine educational videos. I learned a lot from you. Cannot recall you talk about dte for index options trading, is it still the same 45-60 or do you lean towards 30 day ish?

  13. Hi Davis, I found your channel recently and have been binging your videos for the last few days. You provide very clear and actionable content for us option traders. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ‘

  14. Thanks for the video, you have been suggesting dte of 45-60 for slow spreads but since they realize the profits near 0dte and theres no early assignment would it be better to sell at a shorter dte?

  15. Awesome โคI been waiting for this video and adjustments of butterflies or iron condors of SPX

  16. Looks like this video is going to be another quality piece of options info from Davis ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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