Implied Volatility and Options | Options for Volatility Course

Options involve risks and are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to …

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  1. This was very helpful. Thanks alot. Also, didn't even notice the music till I saw all these babies complaining about it.

  2. High IV doesn't mean IV is going to drop soon, and low IV doesn't mean IV is going to rise soon. Actually, it can mean the opposite. Price movements aren't independent from one another. In periods of high volatility, a stock is likely to keep on being volatile.

  3. Great video. The music is not annoying. All it is a marimba (percussion) and pizzicato (plucked) strings. I heard all instructions concerning this topic.

  4. I plan to open a thinkorswim account but first want to know if it offers POP as part of the set-up. Thanks to whoever response.

  5. TD Ameritrade Support is non-existent for their Singapore office. It takes weeks to open an account. Wait a min… my account is still neglected and not opened because there is literally no support in their Singapore office.

  6. I just purchased 7 option calls for agio thank you. Last year when i started fallowing these tips i have made over 5 k

  7. Good video but I have a question. How can xyz be trending downward in price and at the same time be trading within the low end of its IV range? I would have thought its price would be rising with low IV.

  8. how can an option have over 100% IV? there's a company Chesapeake (CHK) that just declared bankruptcy on the weekend some of strike prices had over 400% IV. What does IV over 100% mean?

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