Intraday Bank Nifty Option Trading Strategy

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20 thoughts on “Intraday Bank Nifty Option Trading Strategy”

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  4. What if the market has more volatality CE sl triggered then again it moved to trigger PE ,.. then we mare making double loss in the second straddle, having haing 2 loss positions and 1 profit position.

  5. Bro, Second strangle lo kuda one side CE/PE Yedo okati hit iyithe ventane balance position close cheyala lekapothe aa okka position nu 3pm varuku vunchi wait cheyala. Dayachesi yevaraina theliya jeyandi. please.

  6. Hi, 19800 daggara nifty unnapudu short straddle vesa. paiki velli ce sl hit ayyindi. second straddle 19850 daggar vesa. esari reverse ayyi 19850 pe sl hit ayyindi. ippudu 19800pe and 19850 ce unay. third straddle veyali antey 19800 daggar veyala or 19750 daggara veyala? market 19800 daggara undi

  7. Good Evening bro
    Can we still use this strategy. Because this was posted 1 years ago right. Please suggest

  8. Clarity about 3rd and 4th straddle… and vix enta unte… stop loss enta undaliii… 2023 lo strike premium chala takkuva untunnaiii …. expiry roju ite 120rs lope untunnaii

  9. Revanth beo… 4strsddles veste… … 4 kuda only call or only put hit avvavu kada… up and down valla … oka put … oka call … ela alternatively stop loss hit ite…. naku 24th August 2023 Thursdays 5strsddle vesanu…. up and down iyyi… call and put rendu hit iyyeviii…. mng 10.30 lope 4straddles iyyaiii… loss(469) ekkuva ledu kaniiiiii brokerage ekkuva iyyindi πŸ˜‚

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