Intraday Option Selling Strategy || 54 Months Backtest ||500% Ret…

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21 thoughts on “Intraday Option Selling Strategy || 54 Months Backtest ||500% Ret…”

  1. Thanks for strategy par .2 nahi .5 minimum aati he hai slippage kabhi kabhi tight sl mai ya 9:20 se pehele wale time ke entry mai 1% ka bhi aata hai

  2. Very good strategy! Thanks very much. Sirji, one more request, if you can entertain. There are soon going to be 3 expiries during 1 week. Therefore, it will be very useful, if we develop one uniform strategy which works well with all these 3 viz. Finnifty, Nifty & Banknifty. It will be great if you use your expertise & advise in this respect. Thx in advance.

  3. Yrr we select current expiry and strike price ATM options ….slippages ka chance toh bht km hai ….ATM options mei open interest volume bht high hota….

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