Intraday Option Trading Strategies | Call & Put Options Tradi…

intraday trading#OptionStrategy #Call option strategy #put option strategyTrading In this video, you will learn about Intraday …

24 thoughts on “Intraday Option Trading Strategies | Call & Put Options Tradi…”

  1. Hi guys. Its a simple and good strategy. But keep in mind.
    If the liquidity is low, ut may cause so much loss.

  2. Bro .. i am unable to find the NSE like to check this top gainers / loosers .. can you pls share

  3. It means which window I need to select that I don't know sir whether left side or right side that I don't understand sir will you reply sir

  4. Good afternoon sir today itself I saw your video and I am very new to stock market. As you said I entered into nse website and saw Tata motors and hdfc are the top gainers but I don't know how to buy the stock

  5. Please help,
    Hi sir i understood everything but….how to u search ce and pe for particular stock
    For example: today itc was a top gainer what i wanted to buy its option at 500 what to search to find that option

    Shoud i just type itc30may500ce

  6. I've a doubt, can we enter IF THE STOCK opened GAP UP Or GAP DOWN?

    Thank you for this great strategy.

  7. Hi.nice explanation. Thanks. Can we use the same strategy for all stocks…it means expecting from news that it is bullish. Pls let me know..

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