Intraday Trading for a Living

In this video, I’ll cover your queries on intraday trading and also share my view on how to decide stop losses and target prices.

27 thoughts on “Intraday Trading for a Living”

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  2. An excellent lesson indeed, a few new things I've learnt today, many thanks. A humble suggestion, if you could use general examples; including stocks, commodities and currencies all audience would find their relevance in one of these.

  3. When one trades in straddles / strangles, which tools will you recommend? Here we are trading with 2 legs at a time CE and PE. Any recommendations with regard to trading better in straddles and strangles?

  4. Sir
    Thank you very much for your excellent guidance to become a successful trader.
    I am having one query.
    Any of the broking platform offers dummy Trades.
    ie. My orders are not passing to the exchange, but all the data being shown dynamically.
    I hope this may give me hands on training with out any P/L & I can overcome my fear.

  5. Liked the simple method of S.L.. It seems practical, as well. It makes lot of sense. Please. keep giving us such eye-opener video s. Appreciate your sincerity to share knowledge.

  6. Are you making these videos for them who alredy have an experience in treading.
    What 'bout them who wants to learn. you don't have time for them and that's natural for a professional of your stature.
    The question is how do you address this?

  7. am gaining confidence bit by bit.
    Can u please say when FII pull back ( at what level of dollar index or bond yields ? )

  8. Its like IIT prof coming to teach to normal students… how blessed are the students to get knowledge from such a high standard person… we like normal students will learn a lot from your experience.. Thanks for the efforts..

  9. A serious question
    Will Indian digital currency act as an asset currency just like bitcoin?? It's value may fluctuate as demand fluctuate??

  10. I'm not here for big bottoms and big tops…wow you satisfied my many queries just by this statement Sir…years of experience…I appreciate and thanks again ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  11. How to know when a stock is going to fall… please make a detailed video on this Sir๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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