Investing in Palladium

Palladium is a precious metal, one that doesn’t get any love. So for the 20th video, I wanted to do something outside the box.

6 thoughts on “Investing in Palladium”

  1. You doubted yourself. You didn't go for it. Lately prices fluctuate with the price routinely over $750. You didn't go for it, you lost out. But.. that is easy to say in hindsight as every says. You didn't mention the price before your video was peaking above $800. So it was down when you did this video.  I haven't looked it to what will happen when more and more cars go electric or maybe some ofthe rform of fuel such as natural gas. Palladium and the metals needed in catalytic converters will have much less demand. Or a new technology might make those metals not needed for catalytic converters anymore, and then the price would plummet. Or if the prices get high and Russia dumps a lot of the metal on the market to take advantage of the high price, then the non-Russian investors get screwed.

  2. There will absolutely be a demand for padallium. There's no reason why a metal or element with 91% industrial use is below gold. (11% industrial v jewelry) in order to fill the needs from emerging markets padallium is a must have. Will go up. Gold honestly secarce me it this point. With the virtual currency gaining traction. (A tool for the feds) I don't have huge or I should say Au is a gamble, in this tech age. Padallium being a catalyst at half the price of platinum. It would make sense for the auto industry to go with the cheaper metal. Ev 4. In the euro zone 2014. Fundamentals are in place. Previous price are irrelevant. This is not a speculative market. its a "when" and that "when" I believe will be very near. I put my money where my mouth is. We will see where it goes.

  3. Guy getting 2.5 Oz of Pd to 1 Oz Au. Maybe do some research on Pd. Nothing on this planet can hold nine hundred times its volume of hydrogen with no pressure. if we are going to hydrogen fuel cells Pd will become a critical component, as only Pd will allow ultra pure hydrogen to pass threw it . No other metal on this planet can do that. Pd for the. It would take 600 years at todays mining rate to allow every human on Earth to acquire one.

  4. @Doenietmeermee nice. Let me know if you decide to buy some palladium. I'll post something if/when I buy a bar.

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