Ira Epstein's Metals Video 11 16 2021

Ira Epstein reviews the days trading in the metal markets. For more information and access to Ira’s free offers for commodity …

3 thoughts on “Ira Epstein's Metals Video 11 16 2021”

  1. Why are Covid cases surging in Vermont and other highly vaccinated states, and diminishing in the south, the lower vaccinated states?

  2. 99.75% recovery rate from the outset till now 18 months later, that means 399 out of 400 actual illnesses recover. Not my stats, but the Gov. stats….Why would one want to lower their chances to 95%? That makes them 20 times more vulnerable……. think about it……….Willie

  3. Gold is the best short I have seen since 1980. Gold will drop at least 300 to 1600/oz. and possibly more starting today. All you need to see this is cycle brackets and ichimoku cloud.
    90% of traders go broke because they do not know what to look for and therefore do not know what they are looking at. More short term trades end up in dropping money,regardless of commissions. I made lots of money paying $85.00 commissions 1977-1991.

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