iron condor strategy | low margin option strategy | option sellin…

Disclaimer: this is not buy or sell recommendation. please consult your financial advisor before take any trade or decisions. this video is for only education …

12 thoughts on “iron condor strategy | low margin option strategy | option sellin…”

  1. Bahot hi acha strategy hai sir, kaise sir iska maximum loss ko Kum Kiya jasakta hai with future hedging or any advance way of your experience, pls bataye sir ????

  2. भाई, इतनी सारी चीजें आपने कहां से सीखी।

  3. hallo sir. I have opened acount from your link. The course you have provided is very good. I request you to plz make video on ironfly vs iron condor . which is better and in what scenario we should use those strtegies.

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  5. Aap is strategy ko implement expiry ke kitane din pehale Karna se max profit Le skate batayiye

  6. hi Being Trader , u r fantastic fellow, i am thankful to you for this video, i want to know one thing, please tell, can i exit this strategy any time or i have to wait till market close time ??
    Thanks & Regards

  7. Niftybees buy करके otm call sale करणे का व्हिडिओ बनाईये ( coverd call )

  8. आप बहुत आसान भाषा में समजाते हो
    धन्यवाद !

  9. Sir, can you make a video who to get 2000 per lot in options selling in angle broking I tried but I am not able to get that price please help sir.

  10. Hello sir,
    Thank you for your true knowledge share.
    I have one question, when to use put option or call option

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