Iron Condors | Options Crash Course: Strategy Management

In episode #3 of tastytrade’s Option Crash Course: Strategy Management, we shift the focus from defined-risk, directional strategies to the most classic …

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  1. So 1/3 of spread distance + 1/3 of spread distance means you are looking for 2/3 of the max distance to be collected.

  2. Why would you roll the untested side when it is making you money – surely you would want to roll the losing side?

  3. Why close it when you have made 50% of the value? That part seems arbitrary. What’s the math behind that showing why it’s the right choice? Thanks

  4. Do these management strategies work well when laddering options? I feel committing too much time on one trade wouldn't be ideal if you're to put on a volume of positions..

  5. as much as i like this guy and his presentation I am missing concrete examples of what he is talking about. like in this video….with wide iron condors and you roll up the untested side…. you roll the whole tamale or just the short option or what?

  6. Great Video! ? At 5:08, When you said "Using the IVR", did you mean the difference between the IVs of the shorted and long strikes, or
    the short strikes' IVR alone ? For instance, for SPX, the IVR is usually low 20s, and the difference between the strikes appear to be stable。。。 what IVR should be checked as the criteria for keeping or closing an IR? 4080, 4090, 4120, 4130 for SPX as an example?
    Should the IVR of 4120 and 4090 be focused on, or the difference of IVs between 4120 and 4130 be focused on ? Thanks!

  7. Out of all the iron condor management videos i've ever watched, this is is the best one. Actionable advice in the shortest amount of time.

  8. Fantastic insight Jim, thank you!
    Audio quality is less than ideal, next time, try to turn your microphone more towards you.

  9. This was the exact strategy I was looking at last night on another channel, but I love the way tastytrade explains strategies best!

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