Iron fly-Adjustment Day 1 – 34K profit + intraday 20k Profit Tami…

Iron fly-Adjustment Day 1 – 34K profit + intraday 20k Profit Tamil #Nifty #banknifty #OptionSelling #Stock #Fututres #Stock …

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  1. Hi bro .I have a doubt in option selling.for example LT stock option la ATM la 1840 strike price nov expiry buy pannitu and then 1880 strike price oct expiryla sell pannina in zerodha basket order la pannina .innum one week Oct expiry mudinchirum .appo ennoda sell option close agirum .but ennoda nov 1840 ATM will not be expired right? Appo basket order potathunala totala ellamae close agiruma illa 1880 strike which oct expiry mattum close aguma .na again nxt month expiry 1900 or 1880 strike la sell panna mudiyuma .

  2. Bro… short straddle buy and sell epdi same time la execute panringa? You videos is very useful and understandable. I want to do virtual trade.

  3. Please add English caption to all your videos so that your Non-Tamil speaking subscribers can watch your videos too!

  4. Bro…if market cross our breakeven on the first day(Friday) after taking the iron fly…what is the adjustments we want to do .. because loss is heavy if it moves on the next day .. please tell that adjustments

  5. Bro semma! Innom neraya intraday adjustments share pannunga mudinja unga daily trade handling style uh explain pani podunga

  6. Sir what calculation and what time you use for shifting up or down buy Hegdes of CE and PE in ironflay

    I watch video but I am not understand Tamil

    Thanks sir

  7. Bro. If intraday straddle @17600 and if market continue to rally to 18000…
    1. How to/how many times we can adjust CE till 18000?
    2. No need to touch PE?

  8. Classic live example. And that too real money trading. Great learning From you. Thanks. Keep educate us. And our people too. ?

  9. தலைவா எல்லோரும் சொல்லும் போது Stop Loss போடுங்க என்று சொல்லுவங்கு நீங்க மட்டுதான் adjustment பன்ன சொல்ரிங்க நன்றி

  10. Intraday ku neenga suggest pana strategy la oru doubt. Let's take today scenario as example… Inaiku Market 17550 la reverse agama thodarthu 17500 then 17450 nu keela poiruntha PE mattum kela roll down pananuma? Ila CE roll down pananuma?

  11. i would like to know which is the best time for adjustments ? it depends on the market movement or else at the time of market closing??

  12. hello,,
    today i have started my first ironfly in nifty….. sold far away CE and PE with the buying hedges…. no more adjustments…. because i m in learning ……. but the first trade gives me 1.02% of profit in the deployed capital….. really awesome….. the probability of winning this trade is at 74.8%….. and the risk reward is at 1:0.09…… hats off @option adjustment trader…..
    and thank you…….

  13. nice work bro. Intra day positionku same day close pandradhala hedge vendama? Nifty weekly positional tradingkum same type adjustment sariya varuma, i.e next strike vida 10 point kooda pogum podhu adjust pannanuma

  14. தலைவா இப்படி ஒரு விளக்கம் starddle adjustmentku யாருமே குடுக்கல எதை.. எதையோ.. சொல்லுவாங்க..
    கடைசில நீங்க சப்பையா முடிச்சிட்டீங்க….
    வாழ்க உங்கள் புகழ்.. ..
    வளர்க உங்கள் சேவை..

  15. Nifty short straddle superb adjustment bro.thalaiva neenga engayo poideenga. thanks for sharing

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