Iron Fly adjustments strategy with Ratio spread and Straddle | Op…

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  2. Thank you Bro for the video.When the market reverses with gap up(at 8 min video you discussed)why only book call sell with loss..we can also book put sell profit right . and then add new straddle.Basically close old straddle and add new straddle.

  3. Sir itne sare strategy btaye aapne great but which one we use in which situation

  4. Hi Roshan, Do you have any trade example for reverse V i.e. Mkt up and then Mkt down and how to do adjustment in that case …Thanks in advance…..BTW I am start like your strategies ….Keep up the good work….regards Manish

  5. Please tell us what should be ideal VIX for deploying ironfly also WE would be grateful if you Please do a video on best strategy based on different VIX

  6. Superb sir,
    Sir I request you to can u backtest for banknifty iron fly from 18 december 2020 to 24 december 2020. On weekly expiry. Plz bcs this time is so complicated sir can help me sir

  7. Sir u r just awesome. Your strategy of Webinar is awesome. Superb. Keep rocking. Please give some strategy for Intraday also ??

  8. sir adjustment k time jo straddle bxnaana hai wo short straddle hai ya long straddle

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