iron fly option strategy | iron fly adjustment | iron fly option …

Iron fly option strategy is one of the most high reward option strategy. Iron fly has a limited down side risk and profit is also limited.

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  1. Should we close the previous position of 12300 CE, 11500 PE ; or hold this until the last day of Expiry. Should we hold this strategy till last expiry day ?

  2. Sir very good strategy 👍 thanks a ton
    Can v create 3 iron fly simultaneously , means at cmp , +500 point -500 points

  3. Thanks for the video. This adjustment is like creating one more iron fly at the break even point right? Pls clarify.

  4. Adjustment done without closing the existing position? Or after closing the existing position.? Pls highlight sir

  5. Sir, I too want to learn and trade with you. Or you can tell which is the best option course available in the market.

  6. Weekly also possible these kind of adjustments?
    Adjustments points is when mkt touch ur breakeven.. Right?

  7. Sir I want to learn and trade with you, please give your contact details maybe telegram or whatsapp.

  8. How we can adjust it 2 times in volatile market.if we start it before last 15 days market was down 900 points and then up 1200 points..

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