Is Wish Stock More Than Just A Reddit Meme?? (WISH Stock)

This video goes over a recent favorite stock of Wallstreetbets and the fact that it could also be viewed as a growth or value stock …

14 thoughts on “Is Wish Stock More Than Just A Reddit Meme?? (WISH Stock)”

  1. When shopping on Wish, video record the opening of packages, then upload the footage, if the contents aren't the same as the listed description.. upload with the title Wish Quality Assurance.. I am an investor that am at the moment losing money, I do not benefit from telling people how to get refunded their money, I just don't like it that people are not recieving the goods that they worked hard to pay for.

  2. My AI told me WISH will go very very high within the next few weeks. People should buy it while it's still cheap.

  3. WISH ??? short squeeze is next. Stock at discount with a lot of potential. WISH IS THE NEXT EBAY BUT BETTER. ????

  4. You are wrong with insider selling made wish down. CFO sold 800 thousand of A category wish because of tax bla bla related, however he is still holding 57 million of B shares categories on WISH .

  5. Reddit stocks are just a perfect way to gamble your money away. WSB is just a group of degenerate gamblers

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