iTrustCapital: Self-Directed Crypto IRA

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  1. Will the insurance really kick in. IRA financial lost 36mil and I heard they are washing themselves clean of liability. I would love to be wrong but it seems their insurance claims dwindle when a actual loss occurs and these claims are just used to gain potential new client trust. They may really try to keep it your funds safe but real insurance if a must incase the unlikely does occur. Payout in theft circumstances should swift and streamlined after you are found not to be the cause of the theft. IRA Financial has been around for a while so that’s what makes it scary to join this or any of the other known crypto IRAs.

  2. Thank you for the review. How were you able to fund the IRA Crypto account? If I take possession of the funds I’ll be taxed right? So my company would have to cut a check directly to them. Do they except checks to fund? Thank you

  3. Loved you in goodfellas!

    JK! Thanks for the info on Itrust. Can’t wait to try and get an in service roll over permission from my employer… been with them 10 years hoping they’ll work with me.

  4. Excellent video! Thank you for making this! I respect your advice based on years of experience and I appreciate you taking the time to share all of this. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for the video. I’m investigating this topic myself. I talked to a Bitcoinira guy yesterday. Big sales pitch…7% transaction fee on buys. Not super impressed. The fees are too dang high.

  6. Great information. In my research I would warn people about custodians that have unjustifiable fees. Some actually charge fees every time you trade crypto WITHIN your own IRA account. The exchanges already due this. Add the trade fees with annual account maintenance, compliance checking fees and the consumer is being milked like a cow. Avoid any custodian with these unwarranted fee structures.

  7. Lets say we open an account with iTrustcapital, and invest in Crypto for the short term. Then we sell and decide to not invest in crypto anymore. We also dont want to take a distribution just yet. What is the process & fee to rollover the funds back to the source IRA (traditional or Roth) and close the iTrustCapital IRA account ?

  8. Great video! I am thinking of joining itrustcapital and opening an ira. Now that you have been using the platform for some months, do you still like it? I read some reviews elsewhere that said some people had problems pulling money out. Have you had any issues with itrust? thanks for the info

  9. Thanks for the no nonsense review and inside detail on talking to these companies. It's a slog to talk to any company on the phone these days, especially small upstarts with poor phone skills. Any chance you've ever performed a rollover or transfer, in whole or in part, of an existing IRA to one of these services?

  10. This is great info on the IRAs. It is so cool to see how the Crypto sector is developing in the world and to be a part of it

  11. Now that you have four months after your belt, how active have you been? And what are the pros and cons so far. The greatest con for me is the lack of insurance so if someone absconds with the crypto, there is no recourse. This is very different from other forms of investments such as equities and bonds. (It is $30 a month now.)

  12. Well into 2021 and apart from Stellar, they haven't added any other crypto options. Well see what happens from here.

  13. Do they have any insurance? Are they storing your assets in the cloud? What exchange do they use for trading? Thanks for your video.

  14. New subscriber, new to crypto. I'm a little older than you but I like your down-to-earth, no B-S delivery. Keep up the good work!

  15. Great info – asked them and it was unclear how distributions work if you want to take the distribution as a self-custody wallet. Any idea if distributions are quick and simple or complex requiring calls to speak with someone?

  16. Hi Crypto mentor. I have a IRA with fidelity. It is not a Roth IRA. Ivan withdraw funds anytime and have to pay tax on the withdrawal amount and a 10% penalty.

    My question: will Itrust capital arrange and transfer my investments for me?
    To get this right I can then Purchase BITCOIN thru I T Capital afterwards?

  17. How long has it taken for anyone to transfer Roth IRA into iTrustCapital? I’m goin on 2 weeks and they can’t seem to fax over the transfer for to my current custodian and am now getting impatient especially since I can only email them for communication and takes days between replies

  18. iTrust is a BUNDLED Crypto SDIRA your trading platform, storage and liquidity platforms are all BUNDLED = LOCKED IN = NO OUTSIDE COMPETITION so you are a guaranteed customer and their fees are all locked on a profitable basis. I believe iTrust is superior to other BUNDLED Crypto SDIRAs,,,but the availability of a Checkbook SDIRA allows you to build up your own choice of platforms and switch as competition provides the best solution.

  19. Do you know if it’s possible to cash out anytime without tax. And can I transfer my XRP from coinbase to Itrust capital?

  20. The statement that spoke volumes to me about who am I watching was….”and for me and my house”. This was, I think, only my second video and that statement rang loud & clear! What if you’re receiving a state retirement already, is that transferable?

  21. Thank you for this video… I have a phone appointment with iTrust Cap later today … your info is very helpful

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