Jumbo Profit – Option Strategy in Stocks

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    Mr. Jegathesan Durairaj (itjegan) is a professional Option trader, strategist, Expiry trader, Trainer, and Investor. He is a mathematician by qualification, an Ex-software professional, and now a full-time Risk Defined Option Writer. With his Open Book Strategies, he is the most known identity on Twitter as IT Jegan, with huge followers. He has won 12 times on the Zerodha platform. He founded his own firm CapitalZone in the year 2018.

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  2. Sir?,
    Your views/education is very good,
    But I can't understand in English,
    Can you present in hindi so that I understand all your videos.

  3. Though I don't want to hurt or offend anyone here ,
    If you can help me reach my message to sir Profits made from speculation will give you material success , leading to fame and name and success , but you will have to bear the price equally having taken the money from others hard earned money , I stopped its time to stop for you sir anish , it will change your life , you have so much talent you can make a 100crore business maybe a startup why aim for 10 or 50 crore ? Your karmas are getting rotten in this life

  4. I have checked all nifty 50 stock's IVP in Sensibull and none of them have IVP > 50 for September expiry, only Shreecement – 43
    , SBILIFE – 40 IVP values. However, found few nifty 50 stocks which have IVP > 50 for Aug expiry which is tomorrow but won't be considered. Am I correct?
    Please suggest what to do in this situation. Should I enter Shreecement tomorrow for September expiry or is there any other criteria we should look on?

  5. Good strategy sir. Pls advise SL to exit the trade if the stock price movement is very violent and cannot manage with the adjustments. Thank you

  6. He is a good man ,because other good traders selling courses to reveal their streategy, He revealed his streategy in open youtube channel without any hesitation.God of retail traders.

  7. Thank you ,sir. We are lucky to have giant personalities like your self and mr P Sundarji in stock market and having sympathy to teach .

  8. Hi sir
    should we close the leg that is negative as it goes in d money.
    Or just keep adding legs in opposite directions.
    Just not clear when to close a leg and when to add a leg in opposite direction

  9. Sir I am new trader… I am thinking this strategy for one month before you told… but small doubt… as you said market is at 2000 for some stock… and think that we sold CE and PE with premium of 1.25% of spot… up to this clear … now market movies up no bother… but moves down .. we can mange options but… how to overcome loss in holding shares of stock….? We get premium as rent but loss in share value…. ofcourse premium compensates the loss… if premium compensates the loss .. there wouldn’t be the rental income…. …

  10. Good one @itjegan……eventually you are of opinion of delivering of the shares when call goes in trouble …

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