Kal's Option Trade of the Week – USO Skewed Iron Condor

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1 thought on “Kal's Option Trade of the Week – USO Skewed Iron Condor”

  1. Thanks Kal! Could you please share a link to the IV Rank study/indicator you're using in TOS? I'm seeing a lot out there I'd like to use the exact one you use since you rely on it heavily and I'm now using your system.

    Quick suggestion, if you could maybe quickly show how you're building the order in TOS, I' think that'd be helpful – I know I'd find it so. TOS is rather technical..and also easy to make a mistake on complex orders and not realize it. Even if you blast through the order creation one can replay etc, just a thought.

    Just discovered you btw (on udemy), loving Everything you're doing and how you teach, wish I'd found you sooner!

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