Learn Options Strategy – Bull Put Spread

In this video we’ll learn the strategy “Bull Put Spread aka Bull Credit Spread” and we’ll see: – When should you do this Strategy – Pros and Cons of this Strategy …

13 thoughts on “Learn Options Strategy – Bull Put Spread”

  1. What happens if you buy a pe first and then sell otm pe? It shows much lesser margin to pay, reverse what you said in the video.

  2. Sir these strategies Buy legs are blocked by Zerodha These are not working in Zeroha. I had sent a mail on help line but no response. Pl look in to it. On Zeroha platform these are waste strategies. If i am wrong tell me correct way of using them.

  3. Make at least custom strategy free to check and explore.

    7 day trial is only enough to get to know about the website and services

    Testing custom strategy will increase the interest in subscribing

  4. Instead of a web application why don't you guys build a desktop application, something like 'Think or Swim'?

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