Learn Trick to do 3 Lots of Iron Condor in 1 Lot Margin | Nifty I…

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25 thoughts on “Learn Trick to do 3 Lots of Iron Condor in 1 Lot Margin | Nifty I…”

  1. Check out Q & A video on this trick

    ( will help you to understand in more detail way )


    By this trick

    We can do 1 300 gap iron condor to get almost same profit as 3 100 gap iron condor.

    Some will say , risk is increased … but when we do 300 gap … then risk is automatically diversified.

  2. The overlapping positions will get squared of. This strategy will only work on paper.

  3. Helpful video but you should have told that the risk also increases. Many new traders may suffer huge loss which may dent thier confidence. Please make video on how much maximum we can lose in this set-up

  4. I am still learning and trying to earn confidence before doing my first-ever options trade. Your videos are very inspiring and helpful in learning. Please add/help on following –
    1) one live trade on zerodha
    2) how to square off before expiry both buy and sell options
    3) add payoff chart to show brake-even and Max profit range.
    4) also if we reach our target of max profit much ahead of expiry then are you suggesting to square off and start new trade or make adjustments for more higher returns with lesser margins/ brokerage?

  5. pls make video on trade execution

    as we have multiplelegs in stretagy  how should we place order, it should be market order or limit order, timing of order etc.
    (suggestion also mailed)

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