Live from the Occupy Wall St Rally We had a hard time finding them… Then we found them. Enjoy. Also, you need a permit for a bullhorn.

17 thoughts on “Live from the Occupy Wall St Rally”

  1. They are still forming as a movement…there are people there with different ideas and different views, but one common sentiment, which we share. You uploaded a rough edit by mistake…no one called you a loser. You should get it right the first time. Sorry our free content on YOUTUBE upsets you. Get out more, oh and suck it….you call us out, you better be clean.

  2. so funny how there are no anti-obama signs yet they are against the war and stimulus…BWHAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. Don't mess with Santa or God, or else you'll get a bolt of lightning… and your Jew cheque will be cancelled.

    This report was better than The Real News' coverage…
    I still don't believe turning Krull into Stalin is the right way to go, though.

  4. You run into a Japanese guy and don't ask about Mothra? wTF? Listen hollar at you bro we'll hook up when the next Jew check arives.

  5. The chick with the pink sign has no idea what you are talking about, she's just a walking billboard. Don't you love when people don't listen yet they want your attention?

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