Live Intraday Trade | Bank nifty Option Trading by Intraday Hunte…

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46 thoughts on “Live Intraday Trade | Bank nifty Option Trading by Intraday Hunte…”

  1. सारा गेम buyer and seller की पोजीशन कैसे बनी हुई है उसके ऊपर है it is called support and resistance you have to spend 2 or 3 years if you want to self learning by YouTube videos. Intraday hunter has great experience.

  2. Sir, Aap jo support aur resistant draw karte hai wo bahut achha perform karte hai , sir mai bhi janna chahta hu k aap support or resistant kis point ko nazar m rakh k draw karte hai. please please??

  3. If u wait for target then why don't u book profit more than ur target..? Can't understand…. Sir

  4. Indicator based strategy I can see he using 6 indicators which he hide for YouTube recording no price action

  5. I took the same trade kinda early, but i wasn't able to exit on time due to sudden change of scenario. Sir ka experience bahot sahi hai isiliye 5 min me profit bana liya. We're getting a lot of knowledge from you.

  6. Which 6 indicators are you using. Please teach us.
    You small knowledge can change someones life.

  7. Amazing Psychology Boss… can you please share your level creation method/ concept…. your levels are awesome…

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