19 thoughts on “LIVE Options Trading With Webull | $100 ON A SMALL ACCOUNT”

  1. For 90% of people this is not how you should do options trades. It's very risky I am assuming he knows what he's doing but this type of trading can wipe an account learn to trade slow first get the basics first good luck

  2. for a cash account what are unsettled funds? like if i do an option contract for my account balance of 1K in a day trade and make 1.2K, will the 200 be unsettled funds, or will all of my 1K be unsettled funds?

  3. How do u set up the active trades for options? I watched your other video doing the set up, but yours had a different section for options mine are all together? When i tried making my own buttons/hot keys, i would click on a strike price in the options section but the buys/sells would be shares and not options? sorry if this was confusing

  4. Regardless of your P&L, I can see it's getting easier for you. You should have your breakout day soon but maybe with puts? New PDT rule in effect yesterday: No flag reinstatement for the life of your account and it follows you from brokerage to brokerage. The TDA rep said to me on the phone, "If you fall below the min and don't either trade your way out of it or have the cash immediately available to make an instant transfer, you basically will never d/t again if the flag gets pulled. This makes me think there's gonna be a ton more option traders in the next few months.

  5. Can you do a video explaining what you are looking for with your indicators? Are you mostly looking at how EMA and MA lines intersect? And what are you looking for with regards to VWAP?

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