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  1. Bhai please jawab dena
    Jaise btc current price h 16700 Aur maine 16100 pe short kiye h Aur expiry ke time cmp Aa gai 16300 to mugje lose hoga ki Options galne ka fayda hoga Matlb premium se fayda hoga ki lose

  2. Wake up with praises to God on my lips everyday for my prayers have been answered, my trades now gives me as much more profits than I ever wished for since I started investing with Steve Hendricks a well reputable trader that y’all know about, thank you Steve for helping me become rich

  3. The world would be a better place if we should have more talented experienced traders as trustworthy as Steve Hendricks, last week was a huge success on my trade investments with him I made $23000k from the 8k$ I put in for the weeks trade, I’m so happy for the huge profits

  4. Please send me customer service details of delta exchange… I am facing issues in depositing money… In future if you are free please make a video on this concept

  5. I thought you might be interested in the Financial Market based on your current role and the interests on your profile. Would you like to learn more on how to Buy Low and Sell High in the Financial Market?

  6. Hello bro.. could you please teach us in Binance account.. Actually there are a lot of video in youtube. but i want to learn from you. i like your teaching then other..

  7. Can any one tell me what is lowest capital requirement to do option selling with 100x leverage

  8. i need a help with the trade i sold the put options whose premium was at 22.5 and i exited the trade at 4.the quantity was 100 so how did i ended up with the profit of just 2$

  9. Sir please let me know which are good books for options trading strategy…. I'm working on nifty/bnf…. Next plan silver/dow Jones/crypto…

  10. Nice video!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END..,I'm new to Crypto trade and I have been making huge losses but recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  11. Hahahah, your execution knowledge is ghanta… Koi baccha bhi 507 pe exit kr leta tha …

  12. Or please stoploss kitna lgayenge jaise bank nifty ke option me 200 rs ce ka sl 40 rs or target 80 rs lgtate hai to esme lese lgayege

  13. If I am 17 years old and I have not any documents like pan card to complete my KYC…
    Should I start learning to build my basic about crypto from this age or wait for some years (appro 1year )

  14. For example currently btc price 50000 and my view on this full bullesh shoud i want to buy call opection or should i want to do sell put opection ? Which one is better ? Shoud i sell put opection there also work all calculation like teeta Gama ? Mam . There is happen premium dekey please please please tell me in simple language mam

  15. Perfect example of why majority always stays part of majority
    (That's not how to trade in crypto)

  16. Progress they say shows when hard work is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Brian Harding, turned my life around, I'm so grateful

  17. Why did you not choose to use Binance instead of Delta. If you have applied any specific thought process, please help take informed decision.

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