Long Consolidation I Options Trading I Nifty Long I Bank Nifty Sh…

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18 thoughts on “Long Consolidation I Options Trading I Nifty Long I Bank Nifty Sh…”

  1. Banknifty is not gonna correct bro,it is at a great support.and the broader market is making all time highs

  2. Same is with me..I was holding on to my put butterfly till 12pm on Friday..later market corrected after taking away my sl.. today I went long and then Nifty started correction around 2.30 and when I exited in loss, Nifty made a V shape recovery… Just amused the way Nifty is been moving now a days

  3. We both are thinking same bro I am also bearish tomorrow it will loss at least 70 points and there’s is chance to hit 15950 but it definitely will reach one time at 15820

  4. nifty is in bearish already there two virgin CPR at 15800 ad 15600 so nifty need to fill up both then it may bounce back

  5. Holding short strangle positions
    34500pe and 35000ce
    Currently in good profits
    Let's see tomorrow's opening
    Expecting a flat opening

  6. Let market stay btw 15800 to 15900 and collect good premium on both sides. Why jinx it?

  7. If nifty and banknifty are in opposite side, there cant be any big movement isnt it? can we use pivot 34700 and do straddle?

  8. On 4th August sbin results are there… A good result will make bank nifty go up… It can have the same effect as Sun pharma's result had on other pharma stocks…

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