Long straddle strategy for low-capital option buyers | Option buy…

This video talks about how to male most of the long straddle strategy. Role of IV and Vega management in option buying: …

23 thoughts on “Long straddle strategy for low-capital option buyers | Option buy…”

  1. Long straddle Intraday mai kitna loss ho skta hai market sideways hone se jada se jada kitna loss ho skta hai (intraday) ………. reply me

  2. Great Job done, I have seen approximately 20 videos on this strategy but only you could clear my doubts. Thanks A Lot

  3. Thanks a lot mam. Hope will be simulated in Opstra. Bank nifty is the most suitable for long straddle in my view. Because very few range bound movements we see in this index.

  4. Madam this is the first time 100% satisfied after seeing the video.
    I sincerely thank you for the video.
    I will like the video and subscribe the channel right now.

    Thank you.

    May Allah bless you.

  5. Madam, excellent strategy. Can you let us know any stop loss rule or exit rule for this strategy?

  6. Video dekhne men achcha laga, but ye to apne backtesting kari hai , hamen pehle kaise pata chalega aaj range bound day hoga ya trending? We all know 70% of time market trade in range agar ham daily ye try karenge to ultimately loss hi hoga.

  7. Respected Madam
    Logically explained with backtest.
    Superb . In the 2nd example,for this small loss ; how to do adjustments to bring the strategy into profits, which needs to be done . This is with an humble request
    Thanks With Regards ???

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