Low-Risk Option Strategy for Current Market Situation – Approx 66…

Interactive Webinar and Discussion on Options Trading in NSE – Opportunities & Challenges On Aug 22, 2021, 4.30PM to 6.00PM …

48 thoughts on “Low-Risk Option Strategy for Current Market Situation – Approx 66…”

  1. I use to follow him a lot. I still believe he has good knowledge but he never share it properly. May be he cant explain what he mean.

  2. Thanks so much for this video, I'm nearly 32 trying to understand the market, I spent about 8 hours just on this video, taking notes and trying to get at least beginners knowledge, and I have to say that out of all the videos I watched, this one helped the most. Thanks again

  3. The amount of unnecessary time you take to explain kills the interest in watching.

  4. OTM Call sell kardo
    OTM Put sell kardo
    Deep OTM Put buy karlo
    ban gayi strategy
    POP : 60% to 80%

  5. Dear millionaire option seller…you earned all these millions from market from the loss of lakhs of new traders or innocent traders..plz say, dont come to market becoz we are here to take your money by different strategy …m I wrong???

  6. God's grace big capital , apram ean sir amount vanki sollitharinga , naalu perukku nallatha panni kadavulukku seiratha nanachikanga ungalukku punniyama serum❤️?

  7. Sir, now are days people are getting huge retunes even from small business but low risk any way your are good explainer in india thank you….

  8. CESL cmp – 0.38paisa is fundamentally strong it looks. Does it have a future like visesh info. I got visesh info at .20 paisa it rallied to 1.8 rs. Will cesl have same potential? Your views plz.

  9. Nice strategy, nice speaking,
    But if you want really help others, explore all the adjustment in youtube itself, money never save our happy, and soul.
    Since you are success in market, don't sell it for money. I know you are very very Good Person in your real life.
    I don't have age to wish you, so that I am praying God for your entire life Happiness.
    Thanks for Sharing video s

  10. I will forever be in-depted to you Ms Christiana_Brat you've changed my life, I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Ms christiana Brat????

  11. 17000 pe September is 1152 and december pe is 1116 is that possible, December pe price should be high right compared to september's

  12. How is it possible… Sep 17000 PE premium is 1157 and Dec 17000 PE premium is only 1116. There is only 5 points difference?… Another point is, you have mentioned July month in the excell sheet? I didn't get the concept clearly

  13. You are right ma'am! your explanation is easy to follow up, after much tutorial online I decided to give investor Camila a try of $500 in less than two weeks she was able to make a profit of $5000,999. ever since then my life have been better afterwards, I'm grateful at all your financial information and education.

  14. Sir. Give me your detailed address,sir i want to meet you, i am very much impressed by your teaching style.

  15. Hello Mr. Sudndar, Sorry to say you will never become good teacher because you are not building confidence to your student. Please first learn how to build/make confidence then only you will get respect otherwise you can understand 😉

  16. Please check the risk profile of the trade, a bearish trade for bullish outlook , if Nifty spikes up the trade will loose .. thanks

  17. September pe @1174
    December pe @1135

    You will not get december pe at this price
    So the whole strategy will not work
    Thank you

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