Lux Algo Smart Money Concepts: 1 Minute Scalping Trading Strategy…

If you’ve been looking for a perfect smart money concepts tool that can identify market structure in real time and give you highly …

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  1. Someone please tell me how I can purchase just this one indicator. I don't want to purchase any package on trading view and have been ripped off so far.

  2. mate, those are not FVGs, those are order blocks. the concept of Fair Value Gap is based on something else and is displayed differently by Lux Algo. I know cause I am an user for 2 yrs now. those order blocks act as S/R levels.

  3. If it's me,i would enter Choch when the candle give second confirmation wich is it need to break the first or the second candle after the Choch signal is given,or simply wait for FV to appear and enter when there is a rejection,but i usually use the first method,and i often use the equal high and low for breakout trading,the method is the same as when i trade Choch.

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    The start of every video: "Please buy my course because I need money."

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  5. hello admin , how can i purchase the codes from you all for this application please thanks

  6. Bro. Moderate your comments. Never seen so many successive scam trap comments in one video.

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  21. Did you take down the video of this strategy from your spreadsheet? Can't find it on your channel… "Make passive income easy with this insanely accurate swing trading strategy"

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  23. Does this work on higher time frames as well or just the one minute time frame? i wanna say the one minute time frame is jsut there for video purposes so it doesnt take that long to make a trade.

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