Hi people!! So usually I don’t recommend trading when market is in a range or if we have a choppy day. However, this video has …


  1. Hi im new here and I’m going to start whit options trade I’m nervios.

  2. Very tuff market been trading 9 years and last hf of year been tuff thx for keeping it 100

  3. Cudo's for mentioning losses. All traders have them. The key is just to limit them as much as we can.

  4. Thanks for posting this video! Looks like you trade using at the money options. How do you manage risk? Do you use any stops?

  5. Hello sister which indicator are you using? And what strategy are you using? Please let me know

  6. Hi Masi, just wanted to say i love your videos! is there anyone you could do one on the VWOP?

  7. You have such a soothing voice Masi. Appreciate your videos and articulate breakdowns. Thanks from Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  8. @Masi, I see you trade SPX a lot. On IBKR, what data do you subscribe to that shows BOTH the SPX level and SPX options? I have tried so many subscriptions to see which one will give me the SPX level too but I have failed. Do you know which one? Thanks

  9. Hi Masi. Do you add new support and resistance levels as the stock is making new support/res levels on the 5 min during the trading day? It seems important to get the new support/res as it trades but then it throws my previous support/res levels into question for the day.

  10. Great job. You answered quite a few questions I had. I have made some money following you. Do you support a chariy I could contribute to?

  11. I lost 3 months of profit this month. It's part of the game and I know where I went wrong. I'm not even mad at the money I lost. I'm upset that I broke my rules and traded in such a greedy way. Only thing we can do is get better and genuinely learn.

  12. Hey Masi. Very quick question, would you know how to expand the charts to the left? Going back to TOS hehehe

  13. hi what is your IBKR memory allocation? new to IBKR. my pc has 64gb .. whats the best memory allocation? the default seems to be slow around 700+

  14. @Masitrades, Please make a video about how to estimate Stop Loss or SPX(for large or small accounts)?, And how you execute your risks/Stop Losses?

  15. Is there a video where you go through how you choose the delta of your options and exit criteria? I see you are using 0DTE, but I would very much appreciate to know your specific criteria regarding strike choice. Thanks.

  16. I don't trade based on EMA/SMA/VWAP/RSI crossovers. I prefer price action & supply and demand.

  17. will ES lead nq to follow or its other way, just trying to learn which will make the move first ?

  18. I thought the market is closed due to the presidency day !!!

    I mostly trade small caps ,
    The thing I like about options is the risk management on it is better than trading equities

  19. Trading has been difficult lately smh. But Masi I love your transparency. Much respect to you!! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’―

  20. Can I ask when you are drawing your support and resistance lines why ypu dont use a tool to automatically do this for you and save yourself time

  21. how do u exit for a loss? How do u set stop losses on options? This is my weak point!

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