Market Update – BABA, hedging, real estate, option trading

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20 thoughts on “Market Update – BABA, hedging, real estate, option trading”

  1. Also how you put money in staples/energy/utilities? By writing puts or simply purchasing them outright?

  2. Hopefully q4 fed starts to cut rates which is priced by futures markets too (around 2024 q1). Do you play this already in advance with tech stocks for example which are sensitive to rates?

  3. This dude got fired by Goldman Sacks. He lost over 50 million dollars in less than 9 months and got kicked out

  4. Funny this guy brags saying he worked at Goldman Sacks but he does not say he was fired for investing in crap companies like PLTR and NIO

  5. thank you henry for this great insight, always educative,
    The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn decent pay,with the right skill and understanding of how the market works, all this information is nothing if one don't take a rightful action and a good platform.

  6. Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, BTC is positively changing people's lives. I stopped panicking about my BTC the very moment I started working with Mr K last year, his confidence and skills is on a maximum level..

  7. At this point, I'm just trying to see how much of my money I can salvage. I'm better off going to a casino than investing in this economy. If the election goes well, I'll be back in 2024.

  8. If the price of toilet paper goes up then I will be taking extra napkins home with my $1 French Fries…

  9. Also, wanted to ask about tax strategies around the portfolio. If you’re holding positions but sell covered calls and you get assigned and essentially sell out the position your selling at regular cap gain. The same for losses you’re capped at 3 or 4K carry. Why not in a different structure where you can mark-to-market if anything if you incur losses. No one really talks about the business side of trading. I love RH but wanted to get your thoughts on why not let’s say TD or TW platform.

  10. It’s not a normal day you find someone else with a large account in RH. I have a high six figure account in RH and I usually keep it under SIPC levels. How do you feel with seven figures? Also, wanted to ask your thoughts on your 4.4% yield I find it great but upset that even with a large account if you pass three trades in one day it removes you from sweeps. My strategies don’t normally require so much cash and would be great to have the idle cash gain yield.

  11. ❤❤This is not on the topic of the video but could you make a video explaining when should a trader make a withdrawal, how often, and what is a good percentage that won't hurt your trading

  12. Thanks for the heads up. Also, thanks for making the video. I am in the camp with you that the banking industry and credit tightening will hurt the wall street confidence further. Appreciate that this video talks about sectors that one should be stay defensive in his/her portfolio.
    I want to thank you for the option education on YT . For those who want to learn, InvestwithHenry provides best-in-class learning and has allowed me to make nice income!

  13. I watched a video on put credit spread that went wrong and got exercised on one leg after market closed but other leg did not have you had this happen? Love the information in your videos.

  14. The Fed had to crank and has to keep cranking otherwise they risk losing legitimacy. They have other mechanisms for helping the banks. I kind of think that the $5 Trillion they printed up over the last couple of years is now being removed from the system by banks defaulting–poof, money is gone!

  15. Fun fact from a study by TWO big investment companies of one was Fidelity: THE BEST INVESTORS ARE —– WAIT FOR IT: DEAD or had forgotten their accounts and NOT touched them for decades=Set it forget it is better than ACTIVE management.

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